Several weeks ago one of our interns, Maura, planted seeds in the raised bed outside our office. Though she planted carrots, lettuce, arugula, and radishes, only the last two of those four sprouted successfully. But with the very generous donation of David Wine, Maura and another intern Brittany planted some seedlings there today!


The bed looks lovely with the arugula and radishes that were already there. Maura assures us that the radishes (she pulled one up by mistake) are really spicy!



Some of the new things they planted are the broccoli, leaf lettuce, eggplant, and a poblano pepper. The spotted lettuce are Yugoslavian Red, a buttercrunch lettuce with lovely red-tinged leaves and a mild flavor. To keep your lettuce from bolting before you have a chance to eat it, keep the leaves moist and cool in this hot Spring.


If nothing else, we’ll have some great salads over the summer!